So you probably clicked on the link above and came to this page expecting the usual "Help the campaign, donate to it!" Well that's not going to happen today. Along the way many have  stated that I'm going to have to raise and accept money to have any chance at winning.  Hearing that hasn't sit right with me.

I have a hard time accepting that for someone to honestly and sincerely represent their community one must raise money, and lots of it.  I'd like to prove that notion wrong. So while other candidates have run trying to win raising as much money as possible, I'd like to do the opposite and try to win raising as little money as possible.

Now I'm not naive enough to believe that money isn't needed at all, but I do believe that money has an adverse effect on objective representation so I want to raise as little as required and I want to do so as transparently as possible.

So that being said, I will never accept any organizational money, period. The influence which organizations have, no matter how "good" they may be, in my opinion makes our elected officials beholden to interests other than their constituents. If down the road I need money for my campaign I will only accept individual donations. And if I have to accept that individual money then it will be raised with a purpose. What do I mean by that? Well, if down the road I have some staffing needs, then I will post how much money is needed and for what position and raise for that purpose. If down the road, I want to create a bunch of great looking campaign hats that will become a global super meme, well I'll say I need X number of dollars for Y hats, help the campaign out.

I do need your help though. If you're willing to give your time because you believe in me, I'll take all the help I can get. If you're willing to put a yard sign out to support me, let me know, I'll get one over to you. Talk to your family and friends and let them know there is another option out there. Learn more about not only where I stand on the issues but also why I take the positions that I do.

So, I'm not asking for money, but I AM asking for your support.

-Kateen R. Kumar

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