"My father taught me that there is only one thing in life that no one can take away from you, and that is your education. I am running on a platform of intellectual consistency. Facts, data, science, and reliable authorities are the basis for my positions. It must be an informed logical position that cannot be based on either personal belief or special interest. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but as long as my positions are objective and based upon tangible data I believe it allows for civil debate and conversation. If you have information I haven't seen, send it over, I'll absolutely study it."

Below are my TL;DRs but, if you're interested, get in touch to learn more about how I came to those positions.



Our state government should make it easier, not harder to conduct business in Massachusetts. While both small and large businesses have challenges, small businesses do not have the economies of scale that large businesses do. Massachusetts' approach to business regulation should be sensitive to the environment in which small businesses operate in. What may be proper regulation for a medium or large sized business can be over-regulation when it comes to small business. The one glove fits all approach to the taxation and regulation of business may not be the most prudent.


We have a right to live our lives with safety and security. We should organize and maintain our law enforcement departments with the correct priorities. 


There must be common sense gun regulation which conforms to that expectation of safety and security.

There is a drug epidemic in America, the cause of the widespread problem is debated, but the results are innocent lives destroyed. Not only should the cause of the addiction be addressed but also its treatment, from both a rehabilitation perspective and a law enforcement one.


We are living in a global economy, and to remain competitive we should maximize efficiency of our investments into education and training. Access to higher education is imperative to maintaining our state's status as one of the best places in the country to educate our children. In the future, we should plan to look at post high school education as we do a high school education, one that allows for a greater chance of success in a global economy and is freely available to all who want it. Whether it be a technical school, undergraduate college, or specific skilled training program; all options should be available to those who are qualified.


We only have one planet, it is only logical that we do everything possible to take care of it for future generations. Allow objective science to drive environmental protections, not special interest.


The cost of healthcare is increasing but our access to medical care professionals is decreasing. The quality of healthcare does not come exclusively from modern technology, but rather from the specific care and time provided to us by our doctors, nurses and medical team. The healthcare industry should re-assess the needs of patients and accept that more time with patients allows for better care. 

We should minimize the role that government can take in an individual's health care decision making process. While regulation of standards may be appropriate, the final decision of care must rest with each person.


As the cost of living increases across the Commonwealth, we should do everything possible to create stability for residents so taxes do not force people to reduce their quality of living or force them out of the community.  

Current laws in the Commonwealth force our towns to spend tax dollars at rates that are not the most competitively negotiated. The only metrics a town should be mandated to use for the benefit of their community is quality and price. Forcing our towns to conform to rates and prices which are higher than what may be negotiated locally puts them in a position that may reduce overall quality and quantity of services available . Resources are limited, so our elected officials have a duty to spend those tax dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible for the exclusive benefit of the community they were elected to serve. 


Our judicial system is over-burdened and under-funded, which limits our access to justice with long wait times that can create a negative financial impact for consumers of legal services, both private and publicly funded. 


The punishment should fit the crime, we should be jailing individuals who are a threat to the safety of our community and rehab those who are not. As resources are limited, we must take care to use the best approach possible to keep our communities safe.


Money is playing too large of a role in our elections. The representation of our people is being displaced by the incredible amounts of money being infused into elections through political contributions and lobbying. Money in politics must be well regulated. 

Allowing a wider variety of voices beyond just the major parties would allow our democracy to evolve past it's current stagnant and often extreme environment. To create a more open voting system, our state should implement Ranked-Choice Voting for every elected position possible. The greatest voice and choice should rest with the people and they should never feel as though their "vote is being wasted".

Districts should be drawn by neutral and unbiased third parties who are experts in census equality and distribution. It should not be done by elected officials who are trying to maintain power and position. There is such a deep conflict of interest in political gerrymandering. The current system of redistricting seems against the principles of a modern and fair democracy.

Our elected officials should have the mentality of serving their community without the expectation of staying in that position for an extended period of time. All elected positions in our government should be term limited to keep representation as objective as possible. 


Our elected representatives must have an absolute fiduciary duty to their constituent's tax payer dollars. Not only should it include where we spend taxpayer dollars but just as importantly how. It must be spent with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. They should hold those monies sacred as they are being given in trust for a better community.

Until tax payer dollars are spent as efficiently as humanly possible, it seems improper for our elected officials to keep going back to the citizens asking for more because of such things as waste, fraud or abuse.